The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Atlanta

If you want to build (or rebuild) a strong and cohesive team that not only works well together but enjoys working together, you need to invest in team building activities for your business. Focusing on your team’s well being and overall happiness shows your employees you value their contributions, growth, and development. Plus, if you choose the right team outing, employees will have a great time away from their desks and return to the office recharged and refreshed.

We virtually guarantee with these Atlanta team building activities, company outing ideas, and fun corporate events, you’ll see an increase in your employee’s overall job satisfaction, retention, and work ethic.

This list, which we update regularly as we continue to evaluate team building facilitators, highlights 20+ of the best team building activities in Atlanta, College Park, Buckhead, Duluth, Marietta, Douglasville, and Sandy Springs.

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack offers unconventional team building activities in Atlanta.
Unconventional team building activities in an unconventional location = the best company team building event in Atlanta!

Museum Hack leads world class corporate team building activities in Atlanta. Team building in the museum may sound a little strange at first, but Museum Hack has expertly designed tours that incorporate history, art, storytelling, games, photo challenges, and more into one awesome and super fun team building event. It will definitely be the most fun you’ve ever had in a museum (maybe even the most fun you’ve ever had team building). Each tour can be customized to match your company’s mission, values, and goals. For example, Museum Hack once ran a custom yogurt-themed museum tour for Dannon. Museum Hack also offers museum escape rooms and scavenger hunts for a bit more competition and difficulty. Museum Hack tours can accommodate almost any size group, making it a great option for all sizes and types of teams.

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2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is a fun food-based competition for team building in Atlanta.
The Great Guac Off provides food, fun, and competition. What could be a better recipe for awesome team building activities in Atlanta?

The Great Guac Off is one of the best team building activities in Atlanta. The main event, an epic guacamole making competition, is combined with lots of other mini fun activities for employees to create the perfect team bonding event. Over the course of a few hours, your team will battle it out by competing in challenges like trivia, decide who wins the title of best guac of all time, and have tons of fun. There will be avocado puns, prizes, secret ingredients, and lots of photo opportunities. The Great Guac Off can be hosted anywhere, including at the official Atlanta Guac Off site or at your office. All group sizes are welcome, so this team outing is a great choice for team building for large groups.

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3. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars will upgrade your next company holiday party and team outing.
Who wants to get festive?

Gingerbread Wars is a great idea for your team’s next company holiday party. Gingerbread Wars combines all the best parts of a classic holiday party with intentional corporate team building activities. Compete in holiday trivia and other small fun group activities for adults before facing off in the main event: an intense gingerbread house building competition. Afterward, prizes will be awarded. The atmosphere will be festive and merry. Possible add-ons include snacks, cookies, a professional photographer, and BYOB. Host the event at your office, the Atlanta location of your choice, or at one of Gingerbread Wars’ spots around the city. Note: It’s a good idea to book your company holiday party early as Gingerbread Wars only takes reservations for dates through the holiday season.

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4.  Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero offers a big menu of team building activities.
Team Building Hero’s menu of team building activities is extensive and impressive.

Team Building Hero is your home base for many different company team building activities in Atlanta. From museum tours and scavenger hunts to food making competitions and storytelling workshops, Team Building Hero offers it all. Team Building Hero is unlike other similar companies in that when you work with them, you’ll only work with one designated rep. Your rep will get to know you and your team’s individual needs and can recommend and create personalized team building packages for you. Bonus: If you book your entire year of team building activities with Team Building Hero, you’ll get a discount on each corporate event.

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5. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is a unique team bonding event and one of the best new team building activities in Atlanta. Here’s how it works: Your event starts with a quick challenge and icebreaker, then you’ll be split into smaller teams and given everything needed to build a mighty castle. You’ll also be given materials to cause epic destruction to your opponent’s castles: a catapult, birdies and more. After two rounds of mayhem, the team with the most points is crowned champion and wins cool prizes. Launchy Birds is a 90-minute event that can be held basically anywhere. Launchy Birds also offers a variety of options and add-ons like extra time and game rounds, snacks, catering, and BYOB.

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6. Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling is the skill you didn’t know you needed but once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Because of its unique power to both communicate ideas and motivate people, storytelling has been recognized as one of the most important skills of the century. Storytelling isn’t just confined to great books and movies anymore; stories show in up everyday life, on social media, in conversations, in emails, and more. It is a valuable skill for everyone, from leadership teams to marketing and sales departments, to HR, and more. These storytelling workshops are designed to be both fun and informative team events, which offers a balanced, engaging way to learn and come together as a team. Your employees will enjoy tackling this new skill together and can apply it back at the office almost instantaneously, which adds a huge element of productivity to your team outing.

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7. Adult Big Wheel Club

Adult Big Wheel Club is home to corporate team building activities. Adult Big Wheel Club’s corporate events are centered around a race course and unique team based relay challenges. Being a mobile company, all corporate events must be held at your space or at a rented venue. These team events can be scaled for groups from as few as 10 people to more than 100 guests. All games and team building activities are designed to improve your team’s communication skills, memory, collaboration, and all-around consistent teamwork ability. Adult Big Wheel Club provides everything needed for fun team bonding, including adult-sized big wheel trikes, helmets, a PA system, and more.

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8. Yes, Chef!

Yes, Chef! hosts corporate team building activities in Atlanta for food lovers. Yes, Chef! offers five different team building packages. Each team event is designed to challenge your employees in different ways. Your team could compete in the ultimate cooking showdown or test creativity by cooking without recipes and with lots of top secret ingredients. You could participate in a classic style cooking class, or you could prepare a menu comprised of recipes that can be repurposed and packaged to give to the charity of your choice. Every company event is a great opportunity to learn something new and bond with your team at the same time. For every team building activity chosen, you have the option to add a custom wine pairing.

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9. Mission: Escape Atlanta

Escape rooms are great company outing ideas. With just 60 minutes on the clock, your team’s wits, patience, and ability to work together as a team will be tested. Mission: Escape Atlanta is home to two high intensity escape rooms: The Study and The Hotel. Escape rooms are a good option for team building for smaller groups, as each room at Mission: Escape Atlanta can only fit 10 participants at one time. If you have more than 10 in your group, you could split up and play both rooms at the same time and complete to see who can escape first. Mission: Escape Atlanta offers private corporate event packages that allow your guests a chance to eat and drink, in addition to team bonding and gameplay.

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10. Host A Meetup

Meetups provide the opportunity to create your own fun corporate events. Meetups have many purposes like a) showing your team members you appreciate them, b) connecting people who wouldn’t normally get the chance to work together, and c) promoting your business in your local community. Planning and hosting your own meetup doesn’t have to be a daunting task. All you need is a cool space (your office, a bar, or local park) and some fun activities to engage your guests. Our favorite fun group activities for adults for this type of corporate event include mini scavenger hunts, Human bingo, and photo challenges. Don’t forget to invite everyone in your network: your team, plus family, friends, customers, vendors, suppliers, and the local community.

11. Power Ops Airsoft

Power Ops Airsoft is a cool and unique space with loads of company team building activities in Atlanta. Power Ops offers paintball, laser tag and airsoft. All games are high intensity and full of friendly competition. The large urban combat play space includes four themed fields, each one like a Hollywood set with a theme like Apocalypse, Nuketown, Vietnam Jungle, and The City. You’ll find cool props like crashed airplanes, dirt mound bunkers, a full sized working school bus, two-story buildings, and much more. Power Ops Airsoft Atlanta team building activities are a great option for teams that thrive in (or need to work on) working together in high intensity and competitive situations.

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12. NexusVR

NexusVR is another one of Atlanta’s cool and unique company outing ideas. NexusVR blends team building with virtual reality. First, you’ll learn how to use VR, then team building facilitators will guide your team through a number of interesting VR experiences. NexusVR will base the experiences and challenges your team completes on your own custom goals and metrics for your team outing. The possibilities are truly endless with this team building event. In addition to VR games, NexusVR offers a VR escape room through epic environments from the world of Assassin’s Creed. If you want to make it more all inclusive, then you can enjoy NexusVR’s catering packages, or you can bring in your own food and beverages.

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13. Atlanta Motorsports Park

Atlanta Motorsports Park, located just 45 minutes north of Buckhead, is a motorsports playground optimized for team building activities. The park offers many fun group activities for adults, including Grand Prix Karting, Ice Hill Thrill, Radical Racing Experience, Stunt Driving, and Urban Survival. Depending on the team event you choose, your coworkers will learn car control skills from professional instructors, discover how it feels to be a real race car driver on one of America’s most exciting race tracks, see firsthand how all those amazing stunts in the movies are executed, and much more. During fun corporate events, your group will also get full use of the clubhouse and luxurious country club amenities.

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14. Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag

Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag provides flexible, affordable, and fun company team building activities in Atlanta. Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag is a mobile service with everything needed to host a laser tag corporate event in your office or at another nearby venue. The team building package includes 100 minutes of laser tag, all equipment and gear, and portable bunkers, as well as experienced staff who will deliver, setup, and run all laser tag related activities. Georgia Outdoor Laser Tag can accommodate teams with as few as 12 members and as many as 80 in a single game. The service area is limited to a 40-mile radius around Atlanta.

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15. North Georgia Canopy Tours

North Georgia Canopy Tours, located an hour outside of Atlanta in Lula, is a little bit of a trek, but might be worth it for team building for adventurous teams. North Georgia Canopy Tours offers fun corporate events for teams who like to walk on the wild side. Choose from two top rated canopy tours; Adventure Tour is a three-hour team event that includes two sky bridges, three nature walks, the fastest zips on the course, zips over three ponds, two zips over the North Oconee River, and a rappel. The second option, the Sky Bridge Tour, is two hours and includes two sky bridges, two nature walks, and the “Continental Divide” – the longest zip on the course. Both tours conclude with a thrilling race on the 695-foot dual zip lines.

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16. Breakout Games

Breakout Games Atlanta is home to many cool escape room experiences. Breakout Games has at least six escape rooms full of fun activities for employees. Escape rooms are popular for company team building activities in Atlanta because of the unique opportunity for teams to work together to solve difficult challenges and puzzles outside of the office. Breakout Games is a fun way to get to know your coworkers’ strengths and learn how to best work together as a team. Many of the lessons learned in escape rooms are taken back to the office and put into daily practice. Breakout Games Atlanta is ideal for smaller groups, as the escape rooms can only accommodate two to eight players per room.

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17. Stone Mountain Park

Have you checked out Stone Mountain Park, located just 16 miles east of Atlanta as a site for team building activities? In addition to being home to the world’s largest granite mountain, Stone Mountain Park regularly hosts fun corporate events from scavenger hunts to early-morning fitness classes. All of the team building activities are designed to energize, motivate, and inspire your team. Pro tip: Plan your corporate event at the park during the summer months so you don’t miss out on the music and laser show that is projected onto the granite.

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18. TopGolf

TopGolf is a popular place to hang out with friends. Why not take your team, too? TopGolf has tons of fun activities your employees will enjoy regardless of skill or actual interest in golf. TopGolf has a lively environment and fun atmosphere with different entertainment options, including games, indoor golf simulators, climate-controlled hitting bays, a rooftop terrace, full service bar and restaurant, 200 HDTVs, and private rooms perfect for team outings. TopGolf is a great space for a causal after-work team outing or a full package team building experience. TopGolf offers all-inclusive corporate event packages, including game play, food, drinks, and dedicated staff to make sure your team outing runs smoothly.

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19. Sky Zone

Sky Zone is a fun way to shake things up, literally! Sky Zone’s fun activities for employees are all about getting your team moving, engaging, and competing in some friendly challenges. Some of the fun group activities for adults include Ninja Warrior Course, Warped Wall, Ultimate Dodgeball, Freestyle Jump, and Foam Zone. Sky Zone is a good team outing option to get out of the office and have fun with your team while doing something physical and new. Depending on your team building needs, you can rent a single party room or the entire facility. Sky Zone can accommodate all size groups.

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20. Hands On ATL

Hands On ATL organizes team building activities in Atlanta that focus on giving back to your community. Hands On ATL works with you to help match your team to the right organization and cause. If your team is passionate about the arts, then maybe you want to assist youth with art projects, volunteer at museums, or help paint murals. If the environment is more your thing, then your team can plant trees, work at a farmer’s market, or in your community garden. Your team can also do corporate events based around youth and family services, health and wellness, hunger and homelessness, and seniors.

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21. Atlanta Food Walks

National Geographic named Atlanta Food Walks as the top tour to explore the city of Atlanta. Atlanta Food Walks is a great option for Atlanta team building activities, too. Taste delicious food from locally owned restaurants, explore Atlanta’s rich history and connect with your team outside the office. Atlanta Food Walks offers four themed team building activities — Downtown Southern Food Walk, Grant Park Past & Future Food Walk, Castleberry Hill Evening Food Walk, and Roaring 20s Micro Food Walk. Each team outing explores a unique time, location, and history from Atlanta’s past (and future). The tours range from walking half a mile to up to two miles and last approximately three hours. Depending on the corporate activity chosen, Atlanta Food Walks can accommodate teams ranging in size from 10 to 400.

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22. WhirlyBall Atlanta

WhirlyBall is Atlanta team building for the young at heart. WhirlyBall is a fun game that includes passing a whiffle ball back and forth while riding around in bumper cars. With five people to a team, the goal is to get the whiffle ball to hit a small hole in a backboard and score! Each member of your team will have an important role to play in the game, whether that’s passing, shooting, defending, or blocking. All team members must work together for WhirlyBall to work — and to win! The venue offers a full bar and stage, which can be incorporated into your corporate event. Located in Roswell just off of Holcomb Bridge Rd, WhirlyBall has a location convenient for team building in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Buckhead, Norcross, Woodstock and Marietta.

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There are many good choices for team building activities in Atlanta, but it’s critical to pick the right one for your business.

Remember, the easiest (and most fun!) way to create a strong and happy team is to invest and participate in awesome team building activities like the ones listed above.

If you have any questions about company team building activities in Atlanta, College Park, Buckhead, Duluth, Marietta, Douglasville, and Sandy Springs, or in other cities in the surrounding Atlanta area, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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