The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Chicago

Looking for some awesome Chicago team building activities, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve researched and vetted tons of fun corporate events, corporate team building activities, company outing ideas, and fun activities for employees to create this current and comprehensive list of the 20+ best team building activities in and around Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet.

The best part about team building is that you can accomplish a lot while also having tons of fun. As a direct result of team building, not only will you see your team’s communication, collaboration and problem solving skills improve, you’ll also see an increase in employee engagement, happiness and overall job satisfaction.

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack leads the best team building activities in Chicago.
This isn’t your grandma’s Chicago team building activity.

Museum Hack is famous for reimagining the museum experience for adults. Museum Hack artfully crafts museum tours specifically for team building. These one-of-a-kind corporate events are full of sassy behind-the-scenes storytelling, epic photo challenges, and interactive games to break the ice and get your team LOLing together. All tour content can be customized to match your company’s unique industry, mission, and goals (think: ancient health care, tech innovations, extraordinary levels of service in the Roman Empire, and more). In addition to renegade team building tours, Museum Hack offers scavenger hunts and Escape the Museum experiences at Chicago’s best museums.

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2.  The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is our favorite of all the best team building activities in Chicago.
You’ll have a guac’in good time with The Great Guac Off.

The Great Guac Off™ is one of the best company team building activities in Chicago, and a company event we can’t recommend enough for a fun, relaxed time. The Great Guac Off is a competitive high stakes guacamole making competition mixed with lots of mini fun activities for employees like trivia, pun-acado, and more. Each element of this corporate event is highly focused on creating and improving teamwork, collaboration, communication, and problem solving skills. The Great Guac Off can be hosted anywhere, including the official Chicago Guac Off site or at your office. You can bring as many employees to this team outing as you want since it’s one of the few Chicago team building activities without a max group size.

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3. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a fun company holiday party.
Have a holly, jolly company holiday party.

Gingerbread Wars is definitely the most fun you’ve ever had at a company holiday party. Instead of a boring holiday party where everyone comes for the free boos and only talks to their small circle of work friends, Gingerbread Wars is highly engaging, a bit competitive and lots of fun. Your team will compete in fun group activities for adults including holiday trivia and other small team focused challenges before the ultimate Gingerbread house competition. The event will be festive, prizes will be awarded and bragging rights earned. Gingerbread Wars events can be hosted in your office or at another Chicago location. Snacks, cookies, professional photographer and BYOB are all possible additions to make your event even better. Note: Gingerbread Wars only takes reservations for dates through the holiday season, so make sure to book your company holiday party early.

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4. Storytelling Workshops

Storytelling is one of the most valuable skills to have in your workplace tool belt, no matter what your job title is. Stories are a powerful way to communicate with and motivate people, which means knowing how to tell a killer story can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. These storytelling workshops will 1) help corporate groups learn to communicate better, 2) give sales teams, marketing departments, HR groups, and any other department valuable skills that can be implemented immediately back at the office and 3) boost employee and client loyalty by teaching you how to tell a killer corporate story. Everyone at your company will benefit from this workshop, regardless of department or seniority. Each storytelling workshop starts with the fundamentals and real world examples of great storytelling. You’ll play fun games and enjoy challenges designed to practice your new skills.

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5. Zoo Hack

Remember when you went to the zoo on a fourth grade field trip? This is a team outing that’s nothing like that. Zoo Hack tells the incredible, mind-blowing stories and secrets of Chicago’s best zoos. Plan a corporate event with Zoo Hack to see the Lincoln Park Zoo in a new light; your team will hear jaw-dropping stories, talk conservation, play games, and participate in challenges, all while learning some killer new facts about animals and coming together to bond over this cool company event.

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6. Team Building Hero

Team Building hero offers a menu of the best team building activities in Chicago. Team Building Hero’s corporate team building activities are for all size teams and industries, with team outings like museum tours, scavenger hunts, food making competitions, storytelling workshops, and company holiday parties. Using a company like Team Building Hero is a great option for those who don’t want to spend time researching and planning team events, but still want to book company outings that are fun and effective. At Team Building Hero, you’ll work with one representative the whole time, no matter how many different corporate events you book. Your rep will learn your team’s needs and preferences, and be able to offer personalized recommendations about the right fun corporate events just for your business. Bonus: If you book an entire year of team building activities with Team Building Hero, you’ll get a discount on each corporate event, making this a cost-effective way to team build in Chicago.

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7. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is a new team building event in Chicago that’s here to disrupt the city’s team building scene. Launchy Birds is a corporate event unlike any that we’ve seen before here at Team Building Activities. The intense, chaotic event is built on the “construct and deconstruct” game mechanics strategy. Here’s what you’ll do: Your group will be split into small teams, who will each be given some weird objects to build castles from. Then, each team will get equally weird objects (catapults, anyone?) to try to knock down the other castles. Each company event includes prizes for the winner.  Launchy Birds is fast-paced, competitive, and a very good team event that we like a lot. Bonus: it’s perfect for team building for large groups as well as small.

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8. Women in Leadership by Museum Hack

Museum Hack’s Women in Leadership Tour is one of the best team building activities in Chicago. This special company event is open to all genders and leadership levels. Explore the Art Institute of Chicago’s hallowed halls through the lens of female accomplishment. Discover unknown stories about history’s greatest female leaders and artists; each team outing includes stories, fun activities, group photos, and meaningful discussions that will inspire and empower.

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9. The Mystery League

The Mystery League hosts destination company team building activities in Chicago. The Mystery League will bring the games to your office or any venue you choose. The Mystery League’s fun activities for employees all require teamwork, communication, and collaboration. You’ll need everyone on your team working closely together to solve difficult puzzles and challenges in a specific amount of time.

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10.  Game Night Out

Game Night Out hosts fun activities for employees in Chicago. Game Night Out’s company events include an enthusiastic host who will keep the energy up and facilitate various games throughout the event. All of the team building games are modeled after familiar and classic group party games, with a fun mixture of guessing, logic, skill, strategy, knowledge, and pop-culture. Each game will test and improve your team’s communication, teamwork, critical thinking skills, and creativity. The venue has a beverage fridge, bottle opener/corkscrew, complimentary bottled waters, cups, ice, and cocktail napkins for groups that wish to bring drinks and food. Game Night Out’s fun group activities for adults are capped at 24 people.

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11. ScavBoss

ScavBoss is the leader in team building scavenger hunts in Chicago. We know scavenger hunts are having a great moment right now as a company outing, and we’re a fan of these fun, interactive, and competitive team outings. If you’re looking to choose a scavenger hunt for your next corporate event in Chicago, then we highly recommend checking out ScavBoss’ offerings at the Art Institute of Chicago or Lincoln Park Zoo. Each scavenger hunt is 90 minutes in length, fast paced, and competitive, with prizes and fun photos.

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12. Fury Room Chicago

Fury Room Chicago is a team outing for teams who need to blow off some steam. Maybe you’ve just wrapped up a significantly stressful quarter? Or maybe you’ve recently lost (or won) a huge deal? Fury Room Chicago’s fun activities for employees are pretty simple. Step one: suit up in protective gear and crank your fav tunes. Step two: choose your weapon and SMASH. You can smash anything from plates and glasses to TVs, furniture, and more. You can even customize your experience by uploading an image of something onto the objects you’ll be smashing.

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13. Fox in a Box

Fox in a Box is home to a variety of escape rooms centered around team bonding. Escape rooms are a recently popular choice for company team building activities in Chicago. Escape rooms require everyone on your team to work together to solve a common goal through various puzzles, challenges and tasks that are designed to get your team communicating, problem solving and collaborating. Fox in a Box’s 60-minute time limit adds a sense of urgency to the puzzle. Each room can accommodate two to six people, making it a strong choice for small team building groups. Fox in a Box can, however, work with groups up to 35 if you’re open to splitting your team into different escape rooms.

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14. Chicago Beer Experience

Chicago Beer Experience offers cool company outing ideas in Chicago. Chicago Beer Experience offers three different walking tours to choose from: Bacon & Brews, Sin & Suds, and Pioneers & Pints. Each corporate event has a unique theme. You’ll learn about and taste delicious beer, and discover fantastic tales of Chicago beer history. Do you know about the 1855 lager beer riots, the German fueled beer expansion in the 1800s, to Prohibition, the mob, and Capone’s days? You will after this tour! You must have a team of at least six to book a private event. These company tours can accommodate up to 18 people and, if you have a large team, you can still be accommodated on two or more tours.

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15. The Game Show Game Show

The Game Show Game Show offers fun corporate events for teams in Chicago. This is your shot to see if you have what it takes to be on a ‘real’ game show. The Game Show Game Show is the perfect mix of trivia, fun challenges and friendly competition. The Game Show Game Show hosts high-energy, fast-paced company team building activities in a technicolor dream landscape of disco balls, sparkly vests, “Spin-It to Win-It” challenges and more! You also have the option to customize the game show trivia to match your company’s brand, products and values. Wrap up your corporate team building activities with dinner and or drinks to chat and share your experience.

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16. The Escape Game Chicago

The Escape Game Chicago is home to five different and unique escape room team building activities. Rooms range from a museum heist to a dangerous prison break. Escape rooms are ideal for smaller teams as each one can accommodate up to eight players. The stakes are high and the stress levels can soar even higher if your team doesn’t quickly learn how to listen to each other and and work together to solve the difficult challenges and puzzles.

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17. WhirlyBall

WhirlyBall has fun company team building activities in Chicago with all day and half day fun company outing ideas; that’s right, this is five to eight hours of food, fun, and team bonding. At WhirlyBall’s venue, you’ll find bumper cars, bowling, and laser tag. With so many fun group activities for adults to choose from, you must have 20 or more on your team to plan a private WhirlyBall corporate event. Depending on which company party package you book, your day will include breakfast, lunch, appetizers, beverages, and more.

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18. Chicago Detours

Chicago Detours specializes in group experiences that deep dive into Chicago’s architecture, history and unique culture. This is a great team outing option for those who want to not only bond with their team, but also learn more about Chicago’s rich history. Chicago Detours offers private company tours for both small and large corporate groups. The small group tour is for one to eight guests and can be done on foot or by vehicle. If you have nine or more people, you’ll want to check out the large private walking, bus, and boat tours. With over 15 different tour options to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find the right fight for your next team outing.

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19. Host A Meetup

Hosting your own meetup is a great way to combine team building and brand outreach. Meetups can be big and flashy or small and simple. All you need is a cool location (think your office, local park, or bar) and few games to break the ice and encourage authentic connection between guests. We like mini games like small scavenger hunts, photo challenges, company trivia, and or human bingo. Keep the games and activities on brand and in line with your company values to promote and tell your company’s story. The goal of a meetup is to connect people who wouldn’t normally connect, i.e., customers, vendors and suppliers, friends, family, members of the local community.

20. Go bowling

Bowling is such a simple and fun team outing that it can often be overlooked with the array of escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and tours available. That doesn’t mean that bowling shouldn’t have its place in the Chicago team building landscape. Bowling is a good option for team bonding because it’s something everyone on your team probably knows how to do, it’s fun, it includes friendly competition, and you can include food or drinks at the bowling alley or at a nearby bar or restaurant afterwards if you want. An afternoon of knocking down pins can be customized to be as a cost-effective or as intricate as you want to make it.

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Did you find the right team building activity for your next team outing in Chicago?

With so many amazing Chicago team building activities to choose from, there is no reason you shouldn’t get at least one company team building activity on your calendar ASAP!

Remember, team building improves team communication, collaboration and problem solving skills as well as increases individual employee engagement, happiness and overall job satisfaction.

If you have any questions about company team building activities in Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, or other cities in the surrounding area, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to connect about your company values and specific needs in order to find the perfect team building experience for you!

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