The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Denver

Are you looking for the best team building activities in Denver? Or maybe you’re just starting to plan your first team outing and are trying to learn more about what team building is all about. No matter where you are on your company’s team building journey, you’re in the right place here at Team Building Activities.

Team building is so important for many reasons. Investing in corporate events with your co-workers has been proven to have an impact on problem solving, creative thinking, employee engagement, communication, collaboration, innovation, and employee retention. You already hire the best people; team building is a huge part of keeping them.

Gone are the days of team building through trust falls and boring team outings; today’s team building industry is dramatically improved. Denver is home to dozens of great companies who can provide value to your business. We’ve vetted the top team building events providers in Denver to come up with this list of the best team building activities, company outings, corporate event ideas, office holiday parties, and team building retreats ideas in Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Littleton, and Westminster.

1. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is an awesome team building event for the holidays.
You’ll have a holly jolly team building activity with Gingerbread Wars.

We’re writing this list in January, but that doesn’t mean a holiday-themed team building activity isn’t top of mind (and top of list!). Gingerbread Wars offers one of the best team outings in Denver. This corporate event promises to inject a ton of fun into your next company holiday party. Gingerbread Wars features fun holiday-themed trivia, challenges, and the ultimate gingerbread house making competition. Your employees will laugh, compete, and enjoy team bonding time during the most wonderful time of the year. Note: Gingerbread Wars only runs company events from October through December, but elves answer the phones year-round; this well-priced activity will sell out, so it’s important to get your team event on the calendar ASAP, even if jingle bells are the last thing on your mind right now.

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2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is one of the best team building activities in Denver.
We love this fast-paced, high-energy guac competition!

The Great Guac Off is another of our favorite companies offering team building activities in Denver. The Great Guac Off (TGGO) is a fun guacamole making contest that blends delicious food with critical team building elements, like friendly competition, collaboration, creativity, and problem solving. Each team event with TGGO includes all the supplies needed, fun games, activities, and challenges. Add catering, snacks, and/or BYOB to round out your next company outing. TGGO’s hosts can travel to your location, the location of your choice, or you can hold guac off at TGGO’s Denver HQ.

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3. Launchy Birds

Are you ready for the ultimate innovation in company team building activities? That’s what you’ll get with team building newcomer Launchy Birds. We love this company’s creative approach to team bonding with construct and deconstruct mechanics. Your team will be split up into smaller groups who are then tasked with building a castle out of strange, unexpected objects. Then, the goal is simple: each group competes to knock down the other castles using equally weird projectiles. It’s fast-paced, high-energy, and a lot of fun. A standard Launchy Birds’ corporate event lasts for 90 minutes and can be held anywhere you like in the Denver area.

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4. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero offers a long list of corporate events.
Transform the way you book corporate events with Team Building Hero.

Team Building Hero is a different type of provider of corporate events, but we love this company’s unique take on team building activities. Team Building Hero runs several different types of team outings in Denver, from museum tours to storytelling workshops to food-based competitions to scavenger hunts. Team Building Hero’s mission is to be your company’s sole provider of team building activities. Each client has one dedicated sales rep; that rep will come to understand your business and team building needs in a deeper way than any other team building provider. Your rep and facilitators can then tailor each company outing you book with Team Building Hero to meet your specific, personalized business needs. With such a wide variety of team building activities available, booking with Team Building Hero won’t feel stale or boring, even after several team outings. Hint: Book your entire year’s worth of team building activities upfront, and you’ll receive a discount on each company event.

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5. Denver Escape Room

Escape rooms are common as far as team building activities go. Denver Escape Room has three different corporate events packages, ranging in duration from two-and-a-half to six hours at a time. The four- and six-hour team outings come complete with a DiSC workshop debrief and report about the performance of your team members. You’ll gain insights into how each employee performed, problem solved, and communicated. This is a great way to learn more about each other, and how best to work together back at the office.

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6. The Wild Game Entertainment Experience

The Wild Game Entertainment Experience is all about fun and team bonding. The venue offers a ton of different company team building events, from bowling to arcade to pool. Your group will be able to rent a semi-private space to enjoy the variety of games; there’s even a virtual reality experience your coworkers can check out together. The Wild Game also offers catering and drinks to round out your team event.

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7. Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience

Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience is a wild idea for company team building events, but your team members will enjoy the adrenaline-pulsing activity together. Get in the driver’s seat of your exotic dream car and take it for a spin through the stunning Rocky Mountains. Oxotic offers the chance to drive cars from McClaren, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, and more. All of the vehicles are automatic transmission, so your team members won’t need anything more than the desire to drive a cool car and a valid driver’s license. Book a fun lunch together after your drive to keep the team bonding vibes rolling.

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8. Bowling

Bowling is a simple entry on our list of the best company team building events in Denver, but it works as a corporate event for a number of reasons. Just about everyone already knows how to bowl, so the learning curve is small. Bowling is fun, relaxing, a little competitive, and most alleys offer food and drinks. Bonus: Denver, Boulder, Aurora, and other surrounding areas are ripe with bowling alleys for the choosing, so you can pick lanes convenient to your office. If you’re looking for an easy-to-plan team building activity, then bowling could be a good pick for your group.

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9. Under Canvas

When you think of traditional team building retreats, you might imagine tents, camping, and trust falls. Under Canvas isn’t quite like that, but it’s as close to that vision as the companies on our list get. Under Canvas is like company sleepaway camp, but fun! Under Canvas offers resort-style tents for rent; the tents can be brought to and set up at the location of your choice. All tents have modern amenities and luxuries like beds, lights, flooring, rugs, and tables, making them feel a bit more like home. Under Canvas’ tents coupled with good food and some fun team building activities makes for a great night of team bonding.

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10. The Big Quiz Game

The Big Quiz Game offers custom corporate events focused on trivia. Once you hire The Big Quiz Game, the company’s staff will get to work designing a custom trivia experience for your team. This mobile corporate event can come to your office or the location of your choice. The Big Quiz Game requires two weeks’ advance notice for on-site trivia team building activities.

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11. Host a Meetup

Team building doesn’t have to just focus on your individual team. Think company-wide or think even bigger and consider hosting a fun corporate event for your clients, vendors, suppliers, and local community. With so many hands making your business run as well as it does, it’s a wonderful idea to give back to the community. Find a local park or venue, settle on a menu (we like burrito bars, BBQ, or an array of snacks), and plan a few games to foster new connections, like Human Bingo, a scavenger hunt, or a photo challenge.

12. Archery Games Denver

Do you have a team that enjoys a physical, competitive challenge? Archery Games Denver pits your team members against each other in a battle of foam arrow dodgeball. Your groups will enjoy a breathless game of cat-and-mouse as each player tries to eliminate members of the other team to take home the office archery crown. This corporate event keeps safety at the top of mind; all arrows are foam-tipped to protect delicate skin and players must use protective eyewear in order to play.

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13. The Murder Mystery Company

Got a team that likes to solve clues? Or maybe your team members just like to cut loose and laugh together. Either way, the Murder Mystery Company offers an interactive murder mystery puzzle. Facilitators will lead your group through a crime your employees must solve. Some team members will be tapped to take on roles in the show, acting as police detectives or suspects. All corporate events with the Murder Mystery Company are designed to be funny and engaging.

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14. Centennial Tours

When was the last time you and your team members got out and saw Denver as though you were tourists? Probably not anytime recently. Centennial Tours offers team building activities designed to connect your group with the city you call home. Some of the company’s better team building offerings include a history and whiskey tour, a liquor before beer tour, and a craft beer and comedy tour. Centennial Tours is a solid fit for team bonding for groups that enjoy a drink or two to unwind.

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15. Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens is a unique team building activity in the city. This beautiful spot offers several cool elements that make up a good corporate event; as long as the weather cooperates, this is an easy-to-plan team building adventure. With an extensive menu of programming options, like exhibits, activities, and shows, you’ll find something already planned at the Denver Botanic Gardens that can serve as a good opportunity for team bonding.

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16. Dave and Buster’s

Dave and Buster’s is a well known name in the entertainment arena; we think it belongs on our list of team building activities, too. Dave and Buster’s requires limited planning while providing an afternoon of fun and games for your employees. Team building activities include bowling, pool, arcade games, laser tag, and an impressive menu of food and drinks. Dave and Buster’s is DIY team building in Denver at its finest, though the company also offers corporate events packages for teams looking for a more structured afternoon out.

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17. Super Holiday Party

Back to the holidays! Thinking about planning a killer company holiday party this year? Let the holiday-loving experts at Super Holiday Party take care of the details. Super Holiday Party is a high-energy corporate event designed to take the place of your annual holiday party. You and your coworkers will play games, enjoy mini holiday themed challenges, and find an office holiday champion. Include catering and BYOB to round out your party. Bonus: Super Holiday Party elves can even arrive early to decorate your space and make it extra festive for the party.

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18. Embrace the home team

Denver has a ton of great sports in the city; it’s time to embrace your home team and head to the game. Depending on the time of year, you can choose from pro basketball with the Nuggets, pro hockey with the Avalanche, pro football with the Broncos, or pro baseball with the Rockies. Or, for something a little more unexpected but still fun, consider checking out local minor league teams. Reserve a suite or two for a VIP vibe, or just purchase a bunch of tickets in the same section to truly enjoy the game.

19. Topgolf

Topgolf is a fun choice for your company’s next trip out of the office. This is a good option, since Topgolf offers something for everyone. Golf aficionados will enjoy the time working on their swing, while golf newbies can have a great time trying to hit the ball as far as possible. Topgolf offers several different corporate event packages, including options that include food and drinks. Book a team activity package and you’ll have a staff member for your group to ensure your team outing goes perfectly. Corporate event package pricing begins at $44 per guest.

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20. Colorado Team Building Events

Colorado Team Building Events is a company that runs several different types of team outings in Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Aurora, and the surrounding area. At Colorado Team Building Events, you’ll be able to choose the corporate event that best suits your business’ needs, whether that be a focus on corporate social responsibility, communication, creativity, or a physical activity. In need of serious help to tackle a problem in the office? Colorado Team Building Events will help put together a custom program to solve any challenge you’re experiencing.

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22. Warrior Challenge Arena

Ever wanted to climb the Warped Wall on American Ninja Warrior? Warrior Challenge Arena offers the chance to get as close to start in the competition as possible with fun physical activities and team building packages. Warrior Challenge Arena’s different corporate events offerings include one, two, or three-hour team building activities. All of the games and activities focus on overcoming challenges physically, like obstacles, tall walls, and more. Warrior Challenge Arena is a good choice for a team outing if your primary goal is to enjoy some team bonding time.

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22. Food Tour

Most people enjoy a good meal, so incorporating food into your next team outing is a quick way to win over any remaining team building skeptics in your office. Delicious Denver Food Tours has a corporate events package focused on the best food in Denver. Your group will travel to the best restaurants in the city, find hidden gem eateries, and learn more about the history of food. Upgrade your team event package to include drinks to round out the afternoon or evening out on the town. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated.

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Team Building Activities Denver is always here to help.

We’re such strong believers in the power of team building that we want to ensure your next team outing goes off perfectly. We’ve seen thousands of companies and employees transformed by a commitment to regularly participating in team building activities. If you don’t think you’ve found the right fit for your corporate event on our list, then don’t hesitate to send us an email. We’d love to work with you to find the top team building activity for your business.

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