The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Houston

Looking for the best team building activities in Houston? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve researched and vetted countless team building activities to create this comprehensive list of the best company team building activities in Houston and the surrounding area. The corporate team building activities on this list range from DIY park days and fun painting parties to high-intensity escape rooms and one-of-a-kind food competitions.

Team building is massively important when it comes to your company’s bottom line because great teams produce great work. By investing in your team’s happiness, you’ll see a noticeable increase in your employee’s overall job satisfaction and retention.

Our list highlights 20+ of the best team building activities and company outing ideas in Houston, Aldine, Algoa, Missouri City, Bay City, and Channelview.

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off offers tasty team building activities in Houston.
Get your guac on with The Great Guac Off’s top team building activities in Houston.

The Great Guac Off is one of the best Houston team building activities. The Great Guac Off is based on a fun guacamole making competition that’s fast-paced and quirky. In addition to smashing avocados, your corporate event includes fun mini-games like Trivia-cado for extra points. Food and drinks (including BYOB for cost savings!) are optional (guac ingredients and dippers are always included). You can also add-on burrito catering to make your team outing into a full meal. The Great Guac Off is available both as a day time and evening event, and can be run anywhere in the city; including at your office, conference space, or at one of the Guac Off rental locations around Houston.

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2. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is tops in team building activities in Houston.
Gingerbread Wars will kick up the merry factor at your next company holiday party.

Gingerbread Wars is a holiday-themed team building activity based on a gingerbread house making competition. The standard corporate event is 90 minutes and includes everything you need for a successful competition: an awesome host, game materials, prizes, fun photos, and more. You can host your gingerbread competition anywhere in Houston, including at your office, a local bar, or at one of the Gingerbread Wars locations around the city. Choose from add-ons like gift bags, extra snacks, cookie platters, professional photographers, and more. You can also do BYOB, which helps make it a cost-effective option for your next team outing. Gingerbread Wars is highly customizable to make this your best company holiday party of all-time.

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3. Launchy Birds

Are you looking for a fun, fast-paced, high-energy team building activity that promotes bonding, competition, and a great time? Launchy Birds is Houston’s newest innovation in company team building activities that uses “construct and deconstruct” game mechanics and strategies to boost morale, team bonding, and camaraderie in the office. Your team outing with Launchy Birds looks a little like this: first, your team will be broken down into smaller groups. Then, each team will construct a castle made from strange materials before competing to knock down the other castles with equally strange projectiles. The energy at every Launchy Birds corporate event is unreal and adds to the fun factor. These team outings are well-priced, can be hosted anywhere in Houston, and are great for team building for large groups as well as small.

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4. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero offers team building activities in Houston.
Team Building Hero offers one-stop shopping of the best team building activities in Houston.

Team Building Hero offers a variety of fun team building activities and fun activities for employees in Houston, including scavenger hunts, storytelling workshops, and food-based competitions. One of the advantages of working with a company like this Team Building Hero is that you can book multiple events with the same provider, which allows you to get to know the consultant and event facilitators well, and for them to get to know you and your preferences and team building needs, too. Planning team building activities can be difficult and time-consuming, and Team Building Hero is one option for cutting through the noise. The best part? Team Building Hero’s corporate events are all so different, your team outings won’t feel repetitive or stale even though you’re booking through the same provider. (Okay, the real best part is you’ll get a discount on each corporate event if you book multiple team outings with Team Building Hero.)

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5. Tantrums

Tantrums may be the one place in Houston where adults are allowed to let it all out and throw a good old fashioned tantrum. If you and your team have had a particularly stressful week, month or quarter, then this could be one of the best Houston team building activities for you. Blow off some steam and have fun with your team by annihilating a room filled with dishes, TVs, windshields using sledgehammers, baseball bats, lead pipes, golf clubs, and more. Tantrums’ team building packages start at $54 per person for 30 minutes of smashing; all corporate events require a three-person minimum.

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6. Battlefield Houston

Battlefield Houston is home to the largest indoor tactical laser tag battlefield in the country. The 12,000-square foot space has two levels and resembles the set of a small town, complete with buildings, windows, and doorways. Battlefield Houston offers challenging and thrilling mission scenarios as team building activities. With more than 65 different missions to choose from, Battlefield Houston has options for team outings that will appeal to anyone. Players will experience two or three missions over a 30-minute time frame or five to six missions in an hour.If you can’t come to the Battlefield Houston location, then don’t worry; the company offers mobile Houston team building activities with multiple battlefield setups and the ability to accommodate large groups.

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7. Urban Axes

Urban Axes runs safe and “AXE-citing” team building events your team is sure to enjoy. Urban Axes can host groups ranging in size from six to 100+ participants. You have the option to customize your corporate event by adding on catering from local favorite eateries. Urban Axes can also provide swag for your team to take home, like koozies, t-shirts, and even a cool trophy for the winner. If your team ends up loving axe throwing, then Urban Axes also hosts eight-week axe throwing leagues you could participate in to keep the team bonding rolling.

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8. Xperience Adventures

Xperience Adventures’ custom corporate events in Houston are great company outing ideas because these team activities can be held in any location. Xperience Adventures will design company events that last for two or three hours and are billed as challenge-based adventures to get teams to bond, grow, and create unforgettable memories all while exploring the great city of Houston. Xperience Adventures offers three different team building packages to fit any group’s needs, ranging from groups in size from five-to-25, 25-to-50, or groups of 50+. All company events include the use of a mobile app and HQ real-rime support and scoring.

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9. Houston Escape Room

Houston Escape Room has two locations in Houston, each with a number of different fun activities for employees. Escape rooms are a great team building option for smaller teams, as escape rooms promote team communication, collaboration and problem-solving. Each space offers two corporate event packages, both of which can accommodate four to 40 people. The basic package starts at $35 per person. You also have the option to rent a conference room for your event or an additional fee. The lunch package starts at $60 per person and includes P.F. Chang’s lunch with a complimentary hour of conference room rental, making this a good option for a longer day of team building and team bonding.

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10. Golden Apron

Golden Apron offers cooking classes with the best local chefs in Houston. Golden Apron’s team building classes are focused on teaching you about delicious food and demonstrating new culinary skills and techniques for you to take home to your kitchen. The classes, located in restaurants, bars, and hotels in Houston, always have a fun and social atmosphere. The best part? Golden Apron’s team building activities are easy to book; just visit the website and choose the class that sounds best to you. Company outing ideas include learning how to make homemade pasta, Spanish paella, handmade sushi rolls, dumplings, and more.

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11. The Escape Game

The Escape Game is home to five immersive team building activities. Escape games are a good mix of challenging and fun for your next team outing. Before you go, it can help to asses your team member’s strengths and give each coworker a job based on individual’s strengths (and weaknesses). Escape Game jobs include: The Spotter (always first to search a room and leave no stone unturned in your quest to find clues), The Communicator (a great listener, who can quickly assimilate new information and relay it back to the team, keeping everyone on the same page), The Brain (a mind for analytics and are adept at discovering patterns, solving challenges and cracking codes), The Orchestrator (easily keep lots of complex information in their head, hold tabs on the team’s progress, and contextualize it all within the larger story), and The Tinkerer (naturally curious with patience and perspective to view a challenge from different angles until you arrive at that ‘aha’ moment). The Escape Game has a fun and quick quiz on their website to find out which personality you are before you go.

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12. Houston Indoor Paintball

Houston Indoor Paintball has the largest indoor paintball field in Houston. The space is covered in high-quality turf and is 100% climate controlled. Paintball is a fun way to do some hardcore team bonding. You’ll work on skills like clear and quick communication, good listening, problem-solving under pressure, and more. If you rent out the space, then you are welcome to bring in decorations and have food delivered. If you want to BYOB, then that’s okay too, but you can only choose this option with a private corporate event during off-hours. The average paintball team building party lasts about two hours.

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13. Host A Meetup

Meetup events are a great way to show your team how much you appreciate them and to promote your brand and engage with your community. Planning a meetup isn’t as hard or daunting as it may seem. A meetup can be as simple and small or as big and detailed as you want it to be. All good meetups start with choosing an awesome location (think your office/store, a local park, a cafe, a bar). If you want to get people genuinely connecting with each other, then make sure to plan a few fun and engaging activities, like a photo challenge, a small scavenger hunt, or Human bingo to complete during the team event. Expand your invite list to include not just your amazing team, but customers, vendors, suppliers, and the local community. Need help planning your meetup? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

14. Chef Of The House

Chef of the House is a local cooking studio that offers classes for all kinds of groups, ages, and teams. Chef of the House’s corporate events include everything from decorating classes to advanced baking courses for adults. Learning a new skill together  unrelated to work in a relaxed and fun environment outside the office is a great way to promote team bonding. Chef of the House’s fun company events include something for every team. Choose from private demo dinners or an iron chef office competition. If neither of those sounds like the right fit, then try a custom class for your next team outing.

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15. Outback Team Building and Training

Outback Team Building and Training offers 60+ team building activities, training classes, and consulting options in and around the Houston area. Outback’s fun corporate events are focused on keeping your team motivated, engaged, and having fun. Boost your team’s overall engagement and morale by having a good time together outside the office and creating shared memories. Of the many team building events offered, Outback’s top fun group activities for adults in Houston include the Amazing Chase, Wheelchairs for Charity, and The Crime Investigators.

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16. ExitusVR

Virtual Reality, or VR, is still relatively new, but it’s already making its way into the sphere of company team building activities. VR technology is pretty mind-blowing and allows us to experience worlds and things we once only dreamed about. Think outside the box with your corporate team building activities, fly in zero gravity, solve puzzles, shoot robots with lasers, and more. ExitusVR specializes in multiplayer corporate events, which makes it a solid option for your next team outing. During the team building exercises, you’ll play games first as groups, and then join up in seminar sessions afterward to build on corporate objectives such as ice breaking, group puzzles, IQ testing, evaluation, and more.

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17. Die Laughing Mysteries

Die Laughing Mysteries is an interactive, fun, and funny team building activity in Houston. During your company event, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with real movie and TV actors. Many of the most experienced improv actors have been on TV, featured as headliners in comedy clubs, and held parts in movies. Die Laughing Mysteries’ facilitators can liven up any team event. Book the murder mystery option because it goes beyond the classic mystery dinner party with plenty of music, singing, dancing, wild accusations, and the opportunity for all of your team members to join the fun.

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18. Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt in Houston is unlike any other escape room. It is uniquely able to accommodate bigger groups better than any other escape room in Houston. In addition to the various rooms to choose from, Escape Hunt offers a large reception and lounge area for post-escape room debrief sessions, parties, and fun corporate events. You’ll work together to tackle challenging tasks, puzzles, and codes. Escape rooms teach teams how to work with more efficiency and communicate more clearly, while boosting confidence and morale (if you can manage to escape, that is).

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19. Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is an option for teams who want to get in touch with creativity and playfulness. You’ll be able to select your own masterpiece to paint from a collection of more than 8,000 paintings. Don’t worry; you don’t need any prior art experience to have a good time. Fun group activities for adults like painting will encourage your team to think outside the box and look at things in a new way. All Painting with a Twist events offer the ability to bring snacks and BYOB (beer, wine and pretty much anything you like!). Art supplies, cups, napkins, paper plates, and corkscrews are all included with your company event.

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20. Park Day

Houston is full of great parks! Buffalo Bayou Park, Evelyn’s Park, and Levy Park are just a few examples of the awesome outdoor spaces in Houston. A park day is a great DIY team building option if you are on a budget or want to create your own team event from scratch. Get your coworkers out of the office and, perhaps more importantly depending on the time of year, outside. Depending on the park you choose, you can plan a hike, pack a picnic, grill up some delicious BBQ, hit up local food trucks (Evelyn’s Park) or go kayaking (Buffalo Bayou). Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to plan some interactive activities (think field games or a mini scavenger hunt) to get people genuinely connecting in new ways.

Have you find the right team building activity for your business?

We hope this comprehensive list helped you to find the perfect Houston team building activity for your team!

Remember, when done right team building activities will result in overall stronger teams with increased employee satisfaction and retention.

If you’ve read this list of company team building activities in Houston and still need help planning the best team building activities for your team, we’d be happy to help! Drop us a line to chat about team building activities in the Houston, Aldine, Algoa, Missouri City, Bay City, and Channelview area.

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