The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Miami

Have you tried team building activities in Miami yet? Company team building activities and fun corporate events should have a regular place in just about every office across the world.

Why? Team building has been shown to boost employee engagement, retention, and loyalty. You already hire the best people; team building is about keeping them and about creating the company culture you want to cultivate. If done right, then an investment in team building events should touch on, and improve, problem solving, creative thinking skills, communication, collaboration, and team bonds within your office.

At Team Building Activities Miami, we’re passionate about finding the best corporate events Miami has to offer. From guacamole making competitions to custom company holiday parties to an impossible scavenger hunt that will put your team members to the ultimate test, there are a lot of cool team outings to choose from in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Hollywood, Wynwood, Key Biscayne, and the surrounding area.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled the list below of the best company team building activities, fun corporate event ideas, team outings, and company events based on innovative, price, effectiveness, and fun. Let’s get to it!

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off offers team building activities in Miami.
Guacamole = the key ingredient to a successful team building activity.

If you’re going to book a team building event for your office, then it’s time to turn to the best team building activity in Miami. We love The Great Guac Off, an innovative, fun, and effective guacamole making battle that combines making delicious guac, friendly competition, and good times at a great price. In addition to the awesome main event (aka the guac battle where your group, broken down into smaller teams, competes to see who can make the best guacamole in the office), each Guac Off includes fun mini-games, team building activities, and challenges designed to encourage your coworkers to connect, engage, and get to know each other better and in a different setting. Add a box of secret ingredients for a fun, unexpected twist on your team outing. Bonus: You can host your Guac Off for any group size, making it an awesome option for team building for large groups, and Guac Offs can be held anywhere in or around Miami, from The Great Guac Off’s local venue to your office to the location of your choice. This corporate event is the ultimate in best team building activities in Miami.

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2. ScavBoss

ScavBoss offers team building scavenger hunts.
Try ScavBoss’ impossible scavenger hunt for an awesome twist on your next team outing.

Scavenger hunts are a popular choice for team building activities, and for great reason. Team building scavenger hunts are fun, competitive, engaging, and a good way to explore away from the office. A scavenger hunt, however, is only as good as the company running it, and that’s why we love ScavBoss. ScavBoss offers several key features that sets this company apart from others offering scavenger hunts in Miami, and here’s why: 1) ScavBoss has been running fun scavenger hunts for a really long time; 2) ScavBoss has a variety of different options for your team outing, depending on what you’re looking for; and 3) ScavBoss is reasonably priced. Different options that make ScavBoss unique are offerings like a custom scavenger hunt of the Miami location of your choice, custom scavenger hunt questions that tie directly back to your office, team members, and/or company values, and The Impossible Scavenger Hunt, which is, well, impossible! The Impossible Scavenger Hunt is purposely designed to be unsolvable; this puts your employees to the ultimate test, and gives you key insight into learning how your coworkers respond under pressure, think creatively, and problem solve

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3. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a team building event for your company holiday party.
Get merry with Gingerbread Wars at your next company holiday party!

Gingerbread Wars is an awesome opportunity to mix in some fun team building activities with your annual company holiday party. We believe that any time your team members are gathered together is a great chance to get a little team bonding time in, and your holiday party should be no different. Here’s the catch: your holiday party should be a treat for your employees and a way to say thank you for a great year in a relaxed, festive setting. That’s why we tend to recommend avoiding team building activities like escape rooms or scavenger hunts for your end-of-year party; both are great options for regular team events throughout the year, but we think your holiday party should be special, and that’s where Gingerbread Wars comes in. Gingerbread Wars is a fun gingerbread house making competition that doesn’t feel like a team building activity. Your group will choose a theme (zombie apocalypse, anyone?) and then smaller teams will compete to build the best gingerbread house in the office. Small challenges and games mixed into your team event will hit all the right notes for a festive holiday party full of team bonding, laughs, and great times. Hint: Gingerbread Wars is a popular choice for company holiday party team building, and with great pricing, flexible locations, and evening corporate events available, the calendar tends to sell out quickly. While Gingerbread Wars can only be hosted from October through December, elves will pick up your call any time of year, so we recommend reserving your holiday party date ASAP.

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4. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero offers a wide variety of different team building activities in Miami.
Team Building Hero is out to change the way you book team outings.

Are you looking to make a commitment to hosting regular team building events? Team Building Hero is a great option for just that. Team Building Hero offers a wide variety of different company activities in Miami. Choose from a menu of food-based competitions, storytelling workshops, museum tours, escape rooms, fast-paced competitions, cake decorating battles, company holiday parties, and scavenger hunts, to name a few, and it’s the company’s goal to be your team’s regular provider for team building events. Here’s what makes Team Building Hero unique: once you are connected with a client rep from Team Building Hero, that rep is your company’s connection for life. Your rep will come to know you, your team, and your business, and will be able to make personalized, tailored recommendations for corporate events. Team Building Hero offers a level of custom team building activities in Miami that you simply can’t find with other businesses. Bonus: If you book a year’s worth of team building events with Team Building Hero, each corporate event is discounted.

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5. Launchy Birds

Ready for the craziest team building event to hit Miami yet? Launchy Birds is a corporate activity unlike anything we’ve seen before. Using construct and deconstruct game mechanics, your team will be broken down into smaller groups and tasked with building castles out of strange, unexpected materials. Once the castles go up, it’s time to tear them down in an epic battle. Groups will have to launch equally strange objects at the other castles; last castle standing is crowned the Launchy Birds champion. This is a fast-paced, high-energy, and intense team building event designed to shake things up.

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6. Extreme Axe Throwing Hollywood

Axe throwing is probably not an activity your employees participate in regularly; that’s what makes it an option for a corporate event. Axe throwing is similar to escape rooms and rage rooms, in that these team events have quickly become a popular choice for company team building activities. The advantages of choosing axe throwing include (probably) learning a new skill together, spending time team bonding, and getting outside the office. If you haven’t done axe throwing as a team yet, then consider choosing it for your next corporate event. If you have, we don’t recommend choosing it again (unless, of course, your team members want to do it a second time!) Extreme Axe Throwing offers several different Miami team building locations, including company events in Hollywood and Palmetto Bay.

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7. Puzzle Room Escape

Escape rooms are a newer choice when it comes to the team building activities sphere, and this team outing isn’t without its merits. Escape rooms work for team bonding and team building for a few reasons: 1) Escape rooms are competitive (choose to compete against the clock or other small groups in your company), 2) Escape rooms require problem solving, creative thinking, and strong communication, and 3) Escape rooms are fun. Escape rooms tend to be best for team building for smaller groups, as there is often a limit to the number of people who can be accommodated at any given time.

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8. Go bowling

Bowling is an oldie but goodie as far as team building activities go. Bowling works as a team outing because it’s something everyone on your team already knows how to do, it offers friendly, relaxed competition, and you can include food and drinks into your corporate event at the bowling alley. Bonus: there are lots of cool bowling alleys in Miami, so finding a location convenient to your office should be a breeze. Bowling is an easy-to-plan team building event. Our recommendation is to plan a few hours away from the office in the late morning or early afternoon; hit the lanes, bowl a few rounds, enjoy a meal and drink together, and then turn your employees loose for the day before they’d normally leave the office. This is a great way to say thank you and to leave your team feeling appreciated and rewarded.

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9. Hit the beach

Miami is a cool tourist spot with beautiful beaches, easy access to the Atlantic, and lots of fun things to do. How often do you and your employees take advantage of living in such a desirable location? Close up shop for the day and head to the beach. Pack a few fun outdoor games and engage in some team building activities on the sand (beach volleyball, anyone?) before allowing your team members to relax and recharge under the warm Florida sun. This is a unique team building activity with the chance to pay dividends, as your team members will head home for the day feeling refreshed and grateful for the opportunity to bond as a team outside the office.

10. Host a company-sponsored meetup

A company-sponsored meetup is a cool way to say thank you to everyone who makes your business run the way it does — and we mean everyone! If you’re going to host a meetup, then we suggest going as big as possible. Invite your employees, the families of your employees, your clients, vendors, suppliers, and perhaps even the local community, if that makes sense for your community. Then it’s as simple as picking a location (we recommend a park or perhaps your office parking lot, if possible), choosing a few team bonding activities designed to foster new connections (we like Human Bingo or a photo challenge), and planning a few snacks or meal to serve. Just like that, you’ve got an awesome team event that will double as a way to show your appreciation to the key people in your organization.

11. SVR Entertainment

Virtual reality is a cool experience, and one that can work well as a corporate event. At SVR Entertainment, you and your group can choose from a menu of different virtual reality games and experiences, some of which have been optimized for team building. Options include traveling to Mars or going back in time to visit the ancient Roman ruins. SVR Entertainment is a fun, unexpected team outing idea that’s best for smaller groups in Miami.

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12. Upgrade your next regularly-scheduled team meeting

Your next team meeting is an unexpected way to show appreciation to your employees. Host a burrito bar or even a DIY sundae station and infuse some surprise fun into your regularly scheduled agenda. You can then choose to proceed with your meeting as normal or cancel the entire thing in favor of playing fun games and team building activities in your office. There are many cool things you can do together that don’t require a professional team building facilitator. Think icebreaker questions, Human Bingo, or a fun photo challenge for a few hours of DIY team building in your office.

13. Take a staycation for the day

With Miami being a top vacation destination, there are some great local resorts with fun, relaxing amenities. Consider taking advantage of these local gems and treat your team to an afternoon of fun in the sun at one of Miami’s best resorts. Your team members can enjoy the pool, the spa, sports facilities, the gym, or can just spend some time relaxing with a great book or catching up on afternoon naps. This is the ultimate way to relax, refresh, and recharge your employees. The wow factor here is pretty cool, too; your effort and investment won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated by your coworkers.

14. Habitat for Humanity – Miami

Habitat for Humanity is one way to combine your company’s corporate social responsibility program into your team building activities. Sign your group up for an afternoon of helping your local community while spending time team bonding together. Your coworkers will enjoy coming together, uniting under a common cause, and getting to know each other in a different setting away from the office. Bonus: you’ll have a great time together while making a difference in the Miami area and giving back to your community.

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15. Play board games

Board games are a classic fun group activity, and this is an easy to plan DIY team building event you can do anywhere. Ask a few of your coworkers to bring in some favorite games from home, then spend the afternoon sprawled out in your conference room battling it out in Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and checkers. Add catering like a burrito bar, sandwiches, pasta, etc. or bring in snacks like pretzels, popcorn, and candy. This is a great option for budget friendly team building that doesn’t require much planning to pull together. If you’re not quite ready to make a bigger investment in corporate team building activities, then we recommend you at least explore hosting a board game afternoon in the office to promote team bonding and boost morale.

16. Castle Harbor Boating School

Castle Harbor Boating School is here to teach your team members how to sail, enjoy some friendly competition, and bond as a team out on the waters. This company outing offers unique team building activities in Miami; the most popular corporate event at Castle Harbor is keelboat fleet racing. Your group will learn new skills from trained experts, then compete in buoy races for the championship. These races can accommodate up to 40 guests, broken down into 10 teams of four people.

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17. Enjoy a cruise together

Miami is a cruise port hotspot, which means it’s easy, and often quite cheap, to get out of town for a few nights on a cruise ship. Pick a quick two-night cruise (or decide as a team to travel longer) and enjoy team bonding time in the Atlantic. You can cruise for a few nights cheaply, sometimes for less than $200 per person, and this includes meals. Tip: We highly recommend allowing your employees to bring partners along (whether or not you pay for partners to cruise is entirely up to you) and giving your team members free time in addition to scheduling meetings at sea and team building activities.

18. Visit the museum

Miami is home to awesome museums, and an afternoon in the museum can be a fun choice for your next team outing. The best museums in Miami include the Pérez Art Museum Miami, ICA Miami, The Wolfsonian, Coral Gables Museum, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, and Coral Castle Museum. Spend a few hours in the museum that appeals most to your team, then take the group out for a nice lunch before sending your coworkers home for the day.

19. Try that hot new restaurant

Miami’s food scenes is one of the cool things about the city that attracts flocks of tourists every year. Is there a new restaurant that’s recently opened that’s getting rave reviews? Or maybe there’s a classic restaurant everyone loves, or a tourist hotspot it might be fun to try as you check out your city through the eyes of those visiting. No matter what your restaurant preference, coming together over a shared meal and drinks in an atmosphere away from the office can have big benefits for your next team outing.

20. The Dinner Detective Miami

Murder mystery dinners are a fun activity that may not immediately come to mind when thinking about company team building activities to choose from. We think a murder mystery dinner offers a cool option for your next team outing. Murder mysteries are funny, engaging, entertaining, and often interactive; plus, your team members will be treated to a good meal during the show. Book from a list of pre-scheduled dates with The Dinner Detective, or reach out about a private corporate event that could include your team members as stars in the show.

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21. Mini Golf

Miniature golf is a fun group activity for adults to enjoy, even if it may sound like something more suited for a group of children. Your team outing to the local Miami putt-putt course will be fun, enjoyable, relaxing, and full of friendly competition as your team members compete to see who has the ability to get the ball under the windmill. Choose a mini golf course near your office, then find a spot close to there for post putt-putt food and drinks. If bowling isn’t quite your team’s speed, then mini golf might be the fun outdoor team building event for your group.

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Team Building Activities Miami: Final Thoughts

Choosing the right team building activities for your business in Miami is so important. We know this is a big investment, and we also know this investment can pay dividends hundreds times over for your team and your business.

If you’ve made it through the corporate events ideas on this list and nothing has stood out as a great choice for your next team outing, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re always checking out cool team building activities in Miami and would love to help you find the perfect fit so you can get the most out of your next company outing.

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