The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Seattle

Seattle is an amazing city with amazing companies and employees, and with strong industry comes the opportunity to engage in top team building activities. 

Why choose regular team building in Seattle for your business? The benefits of hosting frequent corporate events are vast: boosted morale, improved communication, better collaboration, stronger problem solving skills, enhanced creative thinking, and deeper team bonding. With that comes an overall increase in employee satisfaction and retention.

The secret is to choose the right team building event for your business. In our view, the best team building activities in Seattle have several key elements; these company events are all fun, innovative, and effective. Knowing which companies offer these team outings can be tough, especially if you haven’t tried any yet yourself.

That’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work, researched the different team building facilitators in Seattle, and tested them out. Now we can say with the utmost confidence that the corporate events on our list below are the best of the best Seattle has to offer when it comes to finding the best team building activities.

If you’re looking for team building in Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, and Renton, then our list of corporate event ideas, team outings, company off-sites, and team bonding ideas is for you. Ready to dive in?

1. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero offers many team building activities.
Team Building Hero has great team building options for large and small groups at different venues, including your own office, in Seattle.

Team Building Hero is our top choice for team building activities in Seattle, especially if you’re ready to make the commitment to hosting regular corporate events. Team Building Hero is a one-stop-shop for a wide and unique variety of team outings, like scavenger hunts, museum tours, storytelling workshops, food-making battles, company holiday parties, and team building activities and games. All of Team Building Hero’s company events are fun and engaging, and were intentionally designed to pack the maximum team bonding punch. Bonus: If you book an entire year’s worth of team building, then you’ll get a discount on every corporate event you host with Team Building Hero.

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2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off is the best team building event in Seattle.
Guac on!

The Great Guac Off is the best standalone team building activity in Seattle. This fun team event is a guacamole making competition that includes trivia, mini-challenges, and more. Centered around the battle to crown your office’s guac champ, TGGO is the perfect choice for an afternoon of fun and team bonding. Include catering and BYOB margaritas or the drink of your choice to round out your time away from the office. Guac-offs can be hosted on-site at your office, at the TGGO Seattle HQ, or at a local venue of your choice, and all group sizes can be accommodated. This fun, innovative, and well-priced team building activity should be at the top of your list.

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3. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a fun team outing.
Gingerbread Wars is a merry good time.

Gingerbread Wars is ready to change your drab office holiday party into a festive team building adventure. Your group will enjoy small challenges centered around the main event: an epic, fast-paced battle to create the most impressive gingerbread house. Gingerbread Wars’ team outings include prizes, supplies, and an awesome high-energy host. Add snacks, catering, holiday cookies, decorations, and BYOB to kick your corporate event up a notch. Provide your own venue or host your company holiday party at the Gingerbread Wars’ festive Seattle location. Note: While elves answer the gingerbread phone year-round, Gingerbread Wars only accepts bookings on dates in October, November, and December, so it’s key to get on the calendar ASAP. This corporate event sells out early.

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4. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is a team building activity unlike any other in Seattle. This corporate event is high-energy, fast-paced, and intense in all the right ways. Here’s what it looks like: Your team will be broken down into smaller groups and given weird objects to build a castle with. Once castles are up, it’s time to take them down. Each group will be given equally weird projectiles to try to destroy the other teams’ castles. The last castle standing takes home a prize. Launchy Birds was designed around construct and deconstruct game mechanics and strategies to optimize team bonding and team building lessons. All in all, Launchy Birds is a super fun company event that scores top marks in creativity and innovation, as well as pricing.

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5. Consider a meetup

We love meetups here at Team Building Activities! Meetups are such a cool opportunity to host a DIY team building event that can be as simple or as intricate as you choose. Here’s how to do it: 1) Decide on your guest list. Are you going to invite only your employees? We recommend considering extending the invitation to employees’ families, your clients, suppliers, vendors, and perhaps even your local community. The more people you invite, the more connections you may be able to facilitate; that’s valuable to your business and your reputation in the community. 2) Based on your anticipated number of attendees, you’ll be able to decide where to host your meetup, whether that be at a local park, your office, or at a rented venue. 3) Choose what you’ll do. We recommend a few games, like a scavenger hunt, Human Bingo, or photo challenge. 4) Pick the food! That’s it; you now have a great blueprint to plan a fun corporate event to give back to your employees and your community.

6. Puzzle Break

Escape rooms are hot for company team building activities, but in our view, escape rooms have a few limitations. Escape rooms are popular because the challenge unites your team against a common enemy (whether that be another team in another room or the clock) and because it forces your group to collaborate, communicate, and problem solve. In our experience, however, escape rooms are best for smaller teams, which can be limiting as a team bonding activity. If you’re going to choose escape rooms, then Puzzle Break is our top choice!

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7. Jet City Improv

Improv is a corporate event that is often overlooked when it comes to choosing team building activities, but we love it. Improv for team building goes well beyond getting a few chuckles out of your teammates. Improv teaches valuable skills and lessons that directly apply to your daily life at the office. With Jet City Improv, your coworkers will participate in games and team building activities that enhance innovation, problem solving, collaboration, and communication.

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8. Argosy Cruise

Argosy Cruise is a cool choice if you’re looking for a relaxing, unique team building activity. Cruise Lake Union and Lake Washington; your team members will enjoy taking in the views, the fresh air, and the unexpected outdoor break from the office. Argosy Cruise offers a three-hour corporate events package that comes complete with a host who can lead fun trivia, a full bar, and food.

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9. Lawless Forge

Are you familiar with forging? The art of creating objects out of metal is starting to become hot and we love team building activities that promote learning a unique skill. At Lawless Forge, your team members will learn how to weld in order to create the chosen object. You can choose from options like a bottle opener, wasabi bowl, cheeseboard and knife, or horseshoe knife. Your team members will enjoy coming together and participating in this unexpected team outing. Expect your corporate event to run for around three hours.

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10. Ballard Kayak

Ballard Kayak offers team building activities that take advantage of Seattle’s picturesque scenery and outdoorsy nature. Ballard Kayak is full of adventure, fun, and building stronger ties between employees. Ballard Kayak offers corporate outings that include paddle boarding, beach games and team building activities, and kayaking. Your team members are sure to work up an appetite during this physical team event; Ballard Kayak offers catering options to help round out the afternoon and complete your awesome company off-site.

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11. Enjoy the duck boats

Ever been on a duck boat in Seattle? Maybe you have, but we’d bet that many of your employees haven’t taken advantage of this cool touristy activity right in your own backyard. A Duck Boat tour checks several good team building boxes; it’s fun, unexpected, and unique. Choose the corporate event package to enjoy door-to-door transportation, food, cocktails, and a hilarious tour led by a fun emcee.

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12. The Bellevue Challenge Course

The Bellevue Challenge Course offers team building retreats, games, and activities for corporate clients. Come together on the course to enjoy obstacles, ropes courses, and physically challenging adventures. The Bellevue Challenge Course can accommodate guests of all physical abilities. This team outing will push your team physically and mentally, enhancing communication, collaboration, teamwork, and problem solving. This is traditional team building at its best in Seattle.

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13. Dave & Buster’s

Who doesn’t love an afternoon at Dave & Buster’s? Allow your coworkers to have a good time playing arcade games, laser tag, and pool. Dave & Buster’s is a great way to blow off some steam and relax away from the pressures and expectations of the office. Plus, with a full-service bar and restaurant, it’s easy to add a meal and drinks to your team outing, making this a simple way to plan a fun corporate event your team members will love.

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14. Rage Industry

Rage Industry is for teams who like to break things. Rage Industry is all about providing team building activities that let employees blow off some steam and release pent-up energy and aggression. Your coworkers will be free to destroy office equipment provided by Rage Industry; you also have the option to bring your own equipment in that you want to get rid of. Rage Industry will provide baseball bats to golf clubs to crowbars to inflict maximum destruction and team bonding.

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15. Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Looking for a team building activity that’s a bit more relaxed and slower paced than whacking a printer? Seattle Glassblowing Studio allows your team members to express creativity. Each team member will spend this company outing crafting one or two pieces of custom art. Seattle Glassblowing Studio offers corporate event packages for four hours that can accommodate between five and 30 guests. We like this team outing for its fun, relaxed atmosphere and ability to tap into a skill your coworkers may not use as frequently in the workplace.

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16. Ice Cream Bar

Shake up your next in-office meeting and surprise your coworkers with an ice cream party. Buy family-size buckets of two or three different flavors of ice cream (we’d vote for a classic like vanilla or chocolate and maybe something unexpected), then grab a variety of toppings like sprinkles, candy, chocolate, and sauces. Each employee can design a fun ice cream cone; hand out a prize for the best one!

17. Seattle Works

Many companies are focused on social responsibility; combining giving back to your community into your next team building event is a great option for many businesses. Seattle Works allows your team members to bond while working in the community. This team outing is a great choice for team building for large groups, as Seattle Works can accommodate groups into the thousands. Every dollar spent on team building with Seattle Works supports local businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

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18. WhirlyBall

WhirlyBall is a crazy take on sports that promotes team bonding. WhirlyBall is a combo of bumper cars, baseball, and lacrosse; this is fun because it means no one on your team is a closet WhirlyBall star dating back to high school or college, so everyone starts around the same level. Your team members will drive bumper cars, carry a lacrosse-stick-like club, and try to score goals on the opposing side. WhirlyBall promotes communication and friendly competition, and your team members will have a great time trying to figure out this new sport.

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19. Bowl

Bowling is a solid choice for team building activities in Seattle. With many different bowling alleys in the city, we’re confident you’ll be able to find a convenient location for your company outing to the lanes. Here’s why we like bowling: it’s fun and competitive, all of your team members have the basic idea how to do it, and you can include food and drinks in the afternoon if you choose an alley that offers it (which we recommend!) Bowling is an easy-to-plan team building activity that your team members will enjoy, especially if you host it during the afternoon during business hours, so no one has to go home late to participate.

20. Seattle Sailing Club

Seattle Sailing Club is another one of our unique team building activities in Seattle. Your team will be divided into small groups before professional instructors give a lesson on sailing basics and how-tos. As soon as the lesson is over, your groups will hit the water of Puget Sound for a quick sailing race. Seattle Sailing Club’s team building activities promote competition, fun, and learning new skills. We’d recommend heading to a nearby restaurant for lunch or appetizers to complete this team outing.

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21. Feet First Events

Feet First Events offers a menu of different corporate team building activities and company outing ideas. Feet First has both indoor team bonding options, like an escape room or Lego Build, as well as outdoor team building events, including tag or a scavenger hunt. Feet First also works with several charities to host company outings that allows your employees to give back to the local community. More info here.

22. Tour Seattle like a newbie

Seattle is a hot tourist destination, which means it is a city ripe with fun things to do. Spend an afternoon away from your desks exploring the city like a tourist. You could do this in several different ways; put together a team building scavenger hunt of the city’s landmarks, find a tour company and book your team on a corporate outing that highlights the cool spots of Seattle, or check out some new restaurants near the office. There are hundreds of cool ways to spend a few hours enjoying Seattle like a tourist; see how creative you can get with this DIY team building event.

23. Adventura

Adventura is a more serious team building event for companies or teams in need of a shake-up. Adventura offers an Essentials Workshop for team building which focuses on improving group dynamics and connections. Each corporate workshop includes team building activities and thought-out games designed to tackle issues and boost key skills. These workshops, which come in different levels like basic, intermediate and advanced, are designed for teams up to 45 people, though larger groups can be accommodated with a custom team building workshop.

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24. Hot Stove Society

Most people love to eat, so it’s only natural to think about incorporating good food into your next team outing. Hot Stove Society offers corporate events that start with cocktails and appetizers before a chef teaches your employees how to craft an entree. Your team members will be split into groups to create their own dish, which the chef will judge. After the competition, your group will come together to enjoy a delicious meal together.

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25. Board Game Day

A board game day is a great option for DIY team building activities in Seattle. This team outing won’t cost much and can be hosted right in your office, making it easy and effective to plan. Your team members should bring in a few board games from home. Pop popcorn, host a burrito bar, or come up with another creative plan for food, and go to town enjoying some classic game favorites. Allow free play or turn up the competitive factor and put together a challenge complete with winners and prizes. This is a fun, easy way for your team members to enjoy time out of the cubicle together.

Seattle has tons of team building activities. Choosing the perfect fit shouldn’t be overwhelming.

That’s it! You’ve just read about our top choices for the best company team building activities in Seattle. Our hope is that you’re more confident in choosing the perfect fit for your next team outing. If you’re not, then please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you narrow down the options to find the right corporate event for your business.

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