The 20+ Best Team Building Activities in Washington DC

Here’s why team building in Washington DC is important: Great teams produce great work. By investing in your team’s well being and happiness, you’re showing your employees that you appreciate the work they do and care about making an investment in job satisfaction and professional growth.

We’ve created a comprehensive list of the best team building activities in Washington DC, plus corporate events, company outing ideas and more.

Our list highlights 20+ of the best team building activities, corporate event ideas, team outings, and team bonding ideas in Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Fairfax, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Reston.

1. Museum Hack

Museum Hack offers team building activities in DC.
These team building activities are fun, engaging, and effective.

Museum Hack is definitely the most fun you’ll ever have in a museum (and probably at a company team building event, too!) Museum Hack’s corporate team building activities are full of sassy behind-the-scenes stories, epic photo challenges, and interactive activities optimized for maximum team bonding. In addition to renegade team building tours, Museum Hack also offers escape rooms and custom scavenger hunts in the museum. The best part about Museum Hack’s company team building activities is that the facilitators can totally customize the tour to match your company’s industry, mission, and core values. Your guide can talk about extraordinary levels of service in the Roman Empire, ancient health care, tech innovations, and more! Experience the best museums in Washington DC like you’ve never experienced any museum before while building lasting relationships with your coworkers.

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2. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off offers fun team building activities with food.
Get your guac on with The Great Guac Off.

The Great Guac Off™ is part guacamole making competition and part team building all wrapped up into one awesome corporate event. While it may sound a little unusual, trust us: The Great Guac Off is one of Washington DC’s best team building activities. Every Guac Off is challenging, fun, and collaborative with friendly competition and lots of team bonding. Your team will be split up into smaller groups and compete against each other to make the best guacamole as well as battle it out in mini challenges. The Great Guac Off can be hosted at the official DC Guac Off location, at your office, or at a nearby venue of your choice. This is a great team building activity for small and big groups, as there are no minimum or maximum team sizes.

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3. Gingerbread Wars

Gingerbread Wars is a great team building activity for company holiday parties.
It’s a merry team building activity!

Gingerbread Wars is the company holiday party to end all company holiday parties. Your team members will compete head to head in holiday trivia and other small challenges before facing off in the grand finale: an epic gingerbread house building competition! The atmosphere will be festive and merry, prizes will be awarded, and gingerbread houses will be eaten. To add maximum merriment to your company event, you have the option to include snacks, cookies, professional photographers, and/or BYOB. This team outing can be hosted at your office, the location of your choice, or at one of Gingerbread Wars’ locations around Washington DC.

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4. Team Building Hero

Team Building Hero offers an extensive menu of fun company team building activities in Washington DC. Team Building Hero has set themselves apart from other companies offering team building because when you work with TBH, you’ll get a dedicated sales rep for your business. Your sales rep will get to know you, your company, and your individual team building needs. Your rep will be able to put together the best recommendations on a personalized level that you simply can’t get from other companies offering one-off corporate events. You’ll get the opportunity to choose from museum tours, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, food making competitions, storytelling workshops, company holiday parties, and more. Bonus: If you book your entire year of team building activities with Team Building Hero, you’ll get a discount on each event.

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5. Storytelling Workshops

Stories are powerful tools that allow us to communicate with and motivate one another. Stories are a useful skill for your team members to have; whether you’re part of a leadership team, marketing department, sales department, or in HR, knowing how to tell good stories is an invaluable skill that can connect your coworkers with each other and with your business’ target audience. These storytelling workshops are designed to be both fun and informative company events, which is a fun and balanced way to learn. Your employees will enjoy learning how to become great storytellers and will be able to apply these skills back at the office immediately, which adds a concrete element of productivity to your team outing.

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6. Women in Leadership by Museum Hack

Women in Leadership museum tours, powered by Museum Hack, are a unique and empowering team building experience that’s accessible to all genders. Are you familiar with Ching Shih? You should be. She led hundreds of male pirates to victory against international navies; her story is worth telling, and is just one example of the incredible women you’ll learn about during this corporate event. Tours are optimized to inspire and empower leaders at all levels; this team outing is great for your senior executives, young stars, and everyone at your company in-between. Each corporate event includes great stories, fun activities group photos, and meaningful discussions. Museum Hack team building activities rank in the top-10 on TripAdvisor and the company has hundreds of five-star reviews from companies like Google, Facebook, Etsy, Elizabeth Arden, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

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7. The Great Escape Room

Escape rooms require good listening, communication skills, open mindedness and flexibility to reach your goal as a team. and The Great Escape Room offers fun corporate events that create an environment for everyone on your team to showcase individual strengths and demonstrate the ability to work together as a unit. Using individual and combined skills, your team will solve clues and complete challenges hidden throughout the room in order to escape in the time allotted. The Great Escape Room currently has four different fun activities for employees to choose from: Sherlock Holmes Library, On the Run, The President’s Bunker, and Professor Moriarty’s Game Room.

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8. Host A Meetup

Meetup events are a great way to not only bring your team together, but also to promote your brand and show your community how much you appreciate it. Planning a meetup isn’t as hard or daunting as it may seem. It’s a simple as: 1) Choosing a location. It could be anywhere you like, like your office/store, a local park, a cafe, or a bar. 2) Planning a few engaging activities like a small scavenger hunt, a photo challenge, or Human Bingo game attendees should complete during the event. Invite not only your team, but your customers, vendors, suppliers and local community for maximum impact. A meetup is an effective DIY team building activity that can be as relaxed or involved as you choose.

9. EKGameTime

Teams who play together, stay together, and EKGameTime is all about play! EKGameTime is a mobile company that provides different gaming options for company team building activities in Washington DC. Games promote strategic thinking in a fun and relaxed environment. All skill levels can play any of the top fun activities for employees (laser tag, bubble soccer, archery, and tag). Depending on the activity and number of participants, EKGameTime will need anywhere from a half basketball court-sized area up to an entire football field to set up the activity. EKGameTime can set up in either an outdoor or indoor space.

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10. Launchy Birds

Launchy Birds is not for the faint of heart. This very fun and wildly chaotic team building event uses “construct and destruct” game mechanics and strategy to encourage your team bonding around shared goals. Here’s what goes down during a Launchy Birds corporate event: First, each team will construct a castle out of unexpected, odd materials. Second, your groups will compete to knock the other castles down using equally odd projectiles. Launchy Birds is fast-paced, competitive, and a very good team event with reasonable pricing that’s perfect for team building for any size group, large or small.

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11. Common Good City Farm

If your team is passionate about local food and sustainability, then you’ll want to check out Common Good City Farm. Common Good City Farm is an awesome organization in Washington DC that gives teams the opportunity to volunteer during the growing season. As volunteers, your team will participate in tasks such as planting, harvesting, weeding, composting, etc. You’ll also learn and have meaningful discussions about sustainable agriculture and the food system. In addition to being a great way to bond with your team outside the office, partnering with Common Good City Farm is a meaningful way to contribute towards urban agriculture and healthy food access in Washington DC. This corporate event is best for small teams as throughout the season (March – November), Common Good City Farms hosts volunteer groups of up to 15 people for two-to-three hour sessions.

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12. US National Arboretum

If you are looking for more alternative and DIY fun corporate events, then look no further than your local state parks and hiking trails. The US National Arboretum located in Northeast Washington, DC is a great place to start. With 446 acres and almost ten miles of winding paths, there’s lots to explore! Make sure to check out the following must-see locations within the US National Arboretum while you’re there with your team: the Asian Collections, the National Capitol Columns (one of DC’s most notable and unusual landmarks), and the National Herb Garden.

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13. CulinAerie

CulinAerie is offers company team building activities focused on food for teams of 12-48 people in a private kitchen located in downtown Washington DC. Even if you don’t have any self-proclaimed foodies in your group, everyone is sure to enjoy spending a few hours bonding over new recipes and learning interesting kitchen techniques. Each team package includes food and drink, so after your cooking class, you’ll get the opportunity to sit around a table, chat, and share a meal together. You can choose from two different corporate event group packages depending on the level of game and competition you’d like to incorporate into your team outing.

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14. Escape Room Live

Escape rooms offer teams the unique opportunity to rapidly improve leadership skills, outside the box thinking, and group problem solving skills all while having a good time. Escape Room Live in Washington DC is home to immersive and fun corporate events. Escape rooms bring everyone together because, let’s face it, you definitely can’t escape in time alone. Escape Room Live has four team building escape rooms for your group to choose from to achieve team bonding, including Pirates Curse, Curse of the Mummy, Titanic, and The Cabin.

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15. ArtJamz

ArtJamz offers freestyle and guided classes for teams looking to host a new corporate event. ArtJamz’ team building activities include everything your team needs for a creative team outing, including studio access, paint, art materials, easel and smock rental, canvas, drinks, and catering. The freestyle package is all about letting your team do its own creative thing; this option is not a class, but local artists are on hand to provide guidance. On the other hand, guided classes are a great option for teams who want more, well, guidance. These classes are run by a local artist who will lead your team through an art class focused on a specific artist, technique, or genre.

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16. Go Ape

Go Ape offers team building activities in Washington DC for the more adventurous teams out there. On a two-to-three hour team bonding adventure through the forest canopy, you and your team will overcome 40+ difficult obstacles, explore the world from a new perspective (literally), and fly around on multiple zip lines from varying heights. Your team will bond during this shared memorable experience by overcoming fear and supporting each other through challenging situations. By the end of your adventure, you’ll all share a deep sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

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17. Scavenger Hunt DC

Scavenger Hunt DC designs and hosts company team building activities in Washington DC. While the company’s name suggests a specialization in team building scavenger hunts, Scavenger Hunt DC also hosts a variety of different corporate events, from simple team building activities to full-on strategic operations. All of the company events are focused on fun activities for employees designed to improve communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Scavenger Hunt DC uses mobile technology to display real-time scores during the games, which adds a competitive edge to these corporate events.

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18. District Winery

District Winery offers a few different corporate event packages, each of which will enhance your next team outing. Did you know that in order to fine-tune a wine, many wineries mix different wine varieties together? The Blending Session company event package offers an inside look at this interesting process. You can also choose “Wine Games” to drinking good wine, play trivia, and enjoy a blind wine taste test and label making competition. Or, go with District Winery’s True Wine Detective competition, which challenges participants to ID wines via sight, smell, and taste alone. Find out more about District Winery’s Washington DC team building activities on the company website listed below.

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19. River and Trail Outfitters

River and Trail Outfitters offers team building activities for companies in the Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia area. The company team building activities can be customized to your team’s needs and desired level of physical activity. River and Trail Outfitters has programs that range from low impact like bicycling to more difficult challenges that take place on the rock climbing wall and adventurous whitewater rafting. Half day and full eight-hour programs are available. Because River and Trail Outfitters offers extensive and long tours, catering options are available. Various corporate team building activities packages include a Bike Scavenger Tour, Team Rafting Challenge, Surf and Turf, and Team Adventure + Picnic.

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20. Pedal Saloon

Pedal Saloon has figured out how to combine team building, exercise, and, best of all, a glass or two of something relaxing. Pedal Saloon’s Washington DC team building activities are perfect for small teams; groups of eight to 14 can be accommodated on this two hour tour. During a Pedal Saloon corporate event, you and your team will enjoy quality time outside the office and stop at a few of Arlington’s best watering holes. You’ll spend the afternoon group pedaling around Arlington, chatting, taking in the sites, and enjoying a few drinks. Note: Virginia law prohibits drinking alcohol on the pedal bar, so you’ll be using the bike as a fun and unique way to get from bar to bar.

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21. Bowlmor Lanes

Bowling is a great option for team building. It is familiar, nostalgic, and we’ll bet most everyone on your team already knows how to do it! A trip to the bowling alley is just the right amount of competition and fun. If you head to the bowling alley, you’ll also find fun arcade games, craft beer, and snacks to keep the good times rolling. If you want to make your team outing more than just a casual after-work event, Bowlmor Lanes offers complete corporate event packages.

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Choose the right team building activities in Washington DC for maximum impact on your team’s satisfaction.

Did you find any Washington DC team building activities and company outing ideas that your team will enjoy?

We definitely hope you did. On the off chance you’ve read this list and still need some help, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We’re always happy to help find great team outings in DC.

Remember that, when done right, company team building activities will result in stronger teams with improved communication and collaboration skills. Let’s start planning your team’s awesome corporate event in the Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Fairfax, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Reston area ASAP.

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